Monday, June 29, 2015

Update! (yep. same title. I forgot to tell her to mix it up.)


Well this week was honestly not very eventful, but it was good!

It has been BLAZINGLY hot here the past week. Apparently we are in this 15-or-so-day period where it doesn't rain very much before the "winter" here, where it rains like crazy until November. It's been very sweaty, but definitely a conversation starter to everyone on the streets who are dying from the heat too! So that's nice.

This week just involved going around the areas and finding new people to talk to and teach. It's becoming easier and easier to open up and have confidence to talk to them as I go and that's been really nice. It's interesting to see the spectrum of reactions to us when we talk to people. Some are extremely nice people, but very aware that we're missionaries and, at some point, are going to talk to them about the gospel so they try to avoid us after that haha. Some people don't make eye contact at all. It's interesting. Then we get to the people who, maybe aren't interested at all in the beginning, but after talking for a bit, have lots of questions and are interested in learning more. And then realize that this message rings true in their hearts. It's pretty incredible.

All we do is just invite people to listen and to read and pray about our message. It is not the eloquence of our teaching or our skills as missionaries that teaches them. It is definitely the Spirit. All we try to do is create the opportunities for the Spirit to touch their hearts and to help them act upon it. It's very hard at times, but very rewarding at other times.

So yeah this week has just been about keeping one foot in front of the other and taking each step with faith. I have the words to one of my favorite hymns "Lead Kindly Light" above my desk and it helps a lot. 
"Keep thou my feet, I do not ask to see the distant scene, one step enough for me."

Love you all!!

-Hermana Layton

Hermana Layton, Hermana Mendoza, and that demon rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Or at least, that's what I assume it is.  She didn't send a caption with this pic.
Steph, er, I mean, Hermana Layton... and a pony.  I assume she got me this pony for my birthday!

"With corn and eating ah-mazing tamales!"
Update - they took that first picture because Hermana Mendoza found that rabbit and wanted to take a picture because her sister loves rabbits.  Whatever, I'm keeping my caption!  

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