Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Hello everyone!

Well this week - or at least since last Wednesday - has been pretty good. Just getting then hang of walking around talking to people and feeling confident. It definitely takes time to get up the courage. But my companion is an awesome trainer and has been helping me a lot.

One of the highlights of this week was - I. Drank. Mate.

I was at a member´s house for lunch and he served his mission in Chile and he made some!! See pictures - if I can upload them in time...

Anyway, it was amazing and I was pretty much on fire for the rest of that day. Hopefully that can continue the next time we go over there...

Also I´ve discovered a good way to not offend people when my bariatric stomach can´t finish their food! I tried sneaking it to my companion, asking to take it home (they gave me really weird looks when I did that), but I figured if I just say: "Perdon hermana, creo que ya me llene!" and then say sorry like 12 times, they´re always really nice about it. Finally!

So yeah, not too much to report this week. But just going to try to upload all the photos.

Love you all!!!!!
-Hermana Layton

Washing clothes!

Me at the river in Boxolma

Me and Hermana Mendoza in the center of Reu

Awesome green fields in La Bendicion

Me feeding a cow in those green fields

Me and my companion, Hermana Mendoza, and the mission president's wife - Hermana Ruiz

Pay no attention to my blood-red eyes....I had a pretty nasty eye infection.  But it's all better now. 

Us at the beach in Champerico this morning

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